12 Best Butterfly Nail Art Design For Beginners In USA

Butterfly Nail Art

Butterfly Nail Art design is a design where the nail looks like a butterfly. This is achieved by painting the nails with two colors. One color represents the body of the butterfly and the other color represents the wings. Then, with careful painting, two spots are created for eyes on either side of the body with one spot on each wing.

What Is The Difference Between Butterfly Nail Art And Regular?

Butterfly nail art relies on use of colors, matte, gloss, and glitter in the design. Nail colors are not limited to two colors but instead are expanded to 6 or more for use in the design. Butterfly nails are known for their irregular shape with a large domed area in the center.

These designs are found most often with black butterfly wings which can either be painted on using a thin brush or freehand drawn. Butterfly nail art is a new trend in the professional nail industry. It is characterized by a two-toned color scheme, with a darker color on the outer edge of nails and a lighter color on the inner edge.

The lighter color is usually white or pink, but it can be any color that contrasts well with the dark shade. This design creates a realistic looking butterfly wing effect that mimics the colors of an actual butterfly’s wings.

Types of Butterfly Nail Art Designs

The three types of butterfly nail art designs are the classic, the graphic, and the polish.

  1. The classic design is typically done in white nail polish with black dots, small silver stars, and a single-colored wing on each side. This design is a great choice for people who want something simple but still eye-catching.
  2. A graphic design includes a full butterfly that is usually painted over a white base coat.
  3. The complexity of these designs ranges from one color to an entire rainbow.

What will you need to complete this design?

  1. You will need a nail polish that has a black base and a white base coat.
  2. In addition to this, you will need 3 different colors of nail polish in order to paint the wings of the butterfly.
  3. In order to make the white stand out from the black, you will need 3 toothpicks with different colors on each end.

Step by step guide with pictures

Royal blue french manicure nails with glitter nails

A Royal Blue French Manicure is characterized by a clear coat of polish on the entire nail, followed by a white or pale blue base coat. This is then layered with a darker color to create the contrast between the lighter color at the top and the darker colors at the bottom. Glitter or sparkles Butterfly nail art are usually added to enhance the appearance of the nails.

12 Best Butterfly Nail Art Design For Beginners In USA

Glitter nails with butterflies

The glitter nails with butterflies design is a classic and cute way to show off how artistic and creative you are. The adorable little butterfly wings on your fingers paired with the sparkly nail polish will make you look so chic and sophisticated. The glimmering sequins of the glitter is sure to draw attention to your natural beauty,

and the varied colors of the sparkling gems create a beautiful contrast against your skin tone.

Holo Butterfly wings on nails

Holo Butterfly wings on nails are a very popular nail look because of the beauty of the butterfly wings. A holographic nail polish is applied to give the wing some shimmer and color. A white cream or white polish is then applied to act as the background for the wings, which makes them stand out even more.

Finally, small dots are added in white on top of the wing to create an outline of where it is placed.

12 Best Butterfly Nail Art Design For Beginners In USA

Glitter butterfly nail art designs

The glitter butterfly nail art design is a relatively new design that has been on the rise recently. It is a typical nail design made up of a background color with different sized and shaped butterflies, either ruby red or white, placed over it.

Butterfly designs are often seen as a symbol of transformation and rebirth because they emerge from their cocoons transformed into beautiful creatures. The glitter on these nails is often used in place of flowers to bring out the richness and beauty of the paint job.

12 Best Butterfly Nail Art Design For Beginners In USA

Flowers and butterflies on nails

This is a butterfly nail art design where the nails are painted with flowers and butterflies to create a floral effect. The nail art design can be achieved by painting the nails in two coats of white nail polish, then adding one coat of dark blue butterfly wings, followed by one coat of light blue flower petals.

Alternatively, the flower petals may be replaced with red petals for an autumnal effect.

12 Best Butterfly Nail Art Design For Beginners In USA

Big butterflies on nails

Creating Butterfly Nail Art can be done with beads, sparkles, stickers, colors, or any other material that may be found around the house. One recent trend in nail art is creating large butterflies with an acrylic paint pen on the nail.

Female customers are typically drawn to this aesthetic because of its elegant nature combined with its delicate size.

12 Best Butterfly Nail Art Design For Beginners In USA

Black and pink butterflies on nails

Paint designs with black and pink colors or create intricate patterns with the contrasting colors to achieve a distinctive look for nails. This is called butterfly nail art. Some people use regular household items to do this, such as toothpaste, coffee filters, freezer paper, and cotton balls, while others prefer to use specially-designed nail art pens that come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

12 Best Butterfly Nail Art Design For Beginners In USA

Purple butterfly on nails

Purple butterfly on nails, a popular design for cosmetology, is a design based on the prints of a monarch butterfly nail art. The design has two sections: an upper and lower section. The upper section is designed with an outline of color to enhance the top of the nail.

while the bottom section is made up of small circular designs one after another in 2 or 2 shades of color so that when looked at head-on it creates the illusion of wings.

12 Best Butterfly Nail Art Design For Beginners In USA

Butterflies on holo nails

When it comes to nails, they’re often just an accessory to the outfit. However, many people are looking for something that’s more than just a way to accessorize their hands. They want something that will change the game of how they usually go about manicures and pedicures.

A new trend has emerged known as nail art, but with the variety of options available, it might be difficult choosing which design is best for you.

12 Best Butterfly Nail Art Design For Beginners In USA

Butterfly accents

The first step to a great manicure is applying a base coat. This will help keep your nail polish from smudging on the natural nail and ruining your fun design. Next, pick a color that is complimentary with both the accent nail and the underlying color of your polishes.

If you are going to use more than one color, it is important to think about how they will respond when layered next to one another.

12 Best Butterfly Nail Art Design For Beginners In USA

Yellow nails and yellow butterflies on white nails

This is a mismatch in color with yellow nails and white nails. The use of these two colors creates a jarring contrast which may be aesthetically displeasing to some people.

The use of yellow on white can create an optical illusion, meaning that the nails look like they are leaning away from the viewer, creating the feeling of unease in the person looking at them.

12 Best Butterfly Nail Art Design For Beginners In USA

Pink butterfly nail art designs

Nail art designs such as the pink butterfly can be made by utilizing an assortment of various nail shapes and colors. One can use a variety of sculpting tools to create the desired design, taking time and care to make sure no air bubbles form in the paint.

It is also important to make sure that all of the nails in the desired area are painted in order for the design to look complete and neat.

Butterfly Nail Art


Now you know all the steps to completing a butterfly nail art!

  1. Firstly, we need to clean and shape the nails.
  2. Next, we need to apply a first layer of white nail polish and let it dry out.
  3. Afterwards, we will paint on our black nail polish and drip some on the opposite side of our nails.
  4. Finally, we can create our wings by using small strips of tape that we attach to the sides of the nail.

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