10 Stunning DIY 3D Nail Art Design For Beginners In USA

3D Nail Art

DIY 3D Nail Design is a way to create 3D Nail Design on your nails by using materials such as scotch tape and paint, and taking advantage of the nail’s shape. DIY 3D nail design is a process that has been fashioned from the creative minds of millennials and those who are creative.

The term “DIY” is an acronym for “Do It Yourself”. DIY 3D Nail Design utilizes creative colors, textured polishes, and objects/materials to create designs on one’s nails. It eliminates the need for an expensive manicure at a salon.

How To Choose Best Nail Colors For 3D Nail Art Design ?

It is always best to consider the time of year and what season it is when you are deciding on a nail color. During the winter, you will want to go for darker colors to try and warm up your hands from being cold. In the summer, lighter colors work better because they don’t look as tacky when they get too hot.

how many tools use for 3d nail art design?

  1. Nail art is an expressive form of art, and it can be a fun hobby for many people.
  2. In order to create 3D Nail Art Design , one must have the necessary tools at their disposal.
  3. One of the most common items needed is a nail polish brush, which will leave a line of color on the nail surface.
  4. A cuticle pusher can also be used to make designs by pushing back the cuticles from the nail bed.
  5. And then applying nail polish or other substances on top of them.

What Is Smile Line In 3D Nail Art Design ?

  1. Smile lines come in many shapes and sizes.
  2. But the one most people are used to seeing is a vertical line that runs from the corners of your eyes to the bottom of your nose.
  3. This design can be applied to any type of 3D Nail Art Design .
  4. It commonly comes with 3D eyebrows as well to complete the look.

Best Tips For 3D Nail Art Design

  1. 3D Nail Art Design is a type of manicure that appeals to the contemporary woman’s desire for individuality.
  2. This type of design will involve using at least two colors, one being the base, and the other being used as an accent.
  3. A color palate can be chosen from a variety of options- reds, greens and blues.
  4. Yellows are only some of the many 3D Nail Art Design available.

Pink And Silver Glitter Bow 3D Nail Art Design

In 3D Nail Art Design the pink and silver glitter bow is a recent product release from a popular craft store. It pairs the traditional ribbon with a new twist of color. Theses bows are perfect for wrapping presents or to give as a gift. They offer a stylish and versatile option to those looking for something new this year.

Quality control is important when selecting your bows, so it’s important to be patient and read reviews before making any decisions.

Follow these most important steps for 3D Nail Art

  1. Why pink and silver? Pink and silver glitter bows are a perfect gift for anyone!
  2. They make a great stocking stiffer or last minute gift.
  3. The colors of pink and silver seem to be popular with everyone and can be mixed and matched with any style.
  4. A bow is the perfect accent to the holidays, birthday, or any occasion enjoy with 3D Nail Art Design.
  5. A glitter bow will bring joy to anyone’s heart during the holiday season or year round!

Black And Beige Bow 3D Nail Design

In these black and beige bow 3D Nail Art, the surface is filled with a variety of colors that makes it seem like you are looking at a rainbow. The colors make the bow appear to have a shiny surface and it is easy to see how they can really give your nails a great look. These bows come in various sizes and shapes which means you will be able to find one that suits your needs.

Follow these most important steps for 3D Nail Art

  1. Apply a base coat to your nails. This prevents chipping, keeps the color on longer, and strengthens your nails.
  2. Paint your nails black with polish. Allow to dry for five minutes.
  3. Paint your nails beige with polish. Allow to dry for five minutes in 3D Nail Art .
  4. Drape the black nail over the beige nail, then apply clear varnish on top of both nails.

3D Purple And Green Bow Tie Nails

The nails that are done in a 3rd dimension, combined with a purple and green color scheme, is a very creative design. The third dimension is achieved through the use of an acrylic powder that has been applied over the nail polish and then sealed with another coat of polish.

This technique of 3D Nail Art allows for more detail to be seen on the nails than it would if they were painted flatly.

Follow these most important steps for 3D Nail Art

  1. In 3D Nail Design purple and green bow tie nails, the nail is painted green with a thick, downward stroke of purple at the center.
  2. For an extra pop, apply a thick stroke of black at the base of the nail and top with a clear coat to seal and define the stripe.
  3. The nails are painted with a green and purple gradient, starting with a lighter purple at the top and transitioning into a darker purple color as the nail fades into the cuticle.
  4. The bows come in three different sizes: small, medium and large.
  5. The colors also differ depending on which size the nail is.
  6. They range from light to dark purples, greens and yellows.

Colorful 3D Sequin Nail Art

There are many 3D Nail Design that use sequins, but this one is particularly interesting because of the vibrant colors. This design sticks out to me because it mixes different hues of blue together to create something truly unique. Since there is not a specific color scheme, the nails are still cohesive by using 3D sequins.

Follow these most important steps for 3D Nail Art

  1. There are steps on how to polish the nails, start by painting a base coat of whichever color you would like.
  2. Then use a long, thin brush to make small dots in different parts of the nail.
  3. Make sure they are spread out evenly as well as not too close to each other.

Silver Winter 3D Nail Design

Silver winter nails are a trend in 3D Nail Art that became popular during the holiday season. They are typically done with either silver or white nail polish and can be very simple or often times adorned with intricate designs.

They are worn primarily for aesthetic purposes, but also because they look good with other Christmas-themed clothing, such as red plaids.

Follow these most important steps for 3D Nail Art

  1. Silver winter nails can be used to create contrast between the pale winter skin and the contrast of the dark toned nail polish.
  2. Black and white are also trendy colors for this season.
  3. The color scheme can also be changed by adding or subtracting hues of pink, purple, gold, bronze, grey, and reds.

3D Jewels And Soft Pink 3D Nail Art

In 3D jewels and Soft pink nail art, one is able to tell a story by adding colorful gems, rhinestones, and pearls to the base of their nails. This style of 3D Nail Design is best on short nails as it does not have a lot of length. The colors used in this style are unique and have a retro feel that creates a vintage vibe.

Follow these most important steps for 3D Nail Art

  1. A popular new trend is 3D jewel designs that are applied on top of a nail polish.
  2. These jewels are then placed on different portions of the nail.
  3. Adding an intricate design to complement the natural nails.

 Emerald-Toned 3D Nail Art Design

Emerald-Toned 3D Nail Art is the newest trend in nail care. A customer’s nails are painted an emerald green hue and then dipped into a liquid that has the appearance of rocks. The top portion of the liquid is actually a liquid gel that appears cloudy and reflects light, which gives it a 3D effect.

The liquid gel hardens on the nail and adheres to its surface, giving it a realistic look.

Follow these most important steps for 3D Nail Art

  1. Emerald-tinted nails are a UV-reactive color that has the ability to change colors.
  2. Emerald-tinted nails are usually one of three colors, green, purple or blue.
  3. These colors can be seen by shining light on the nails through a black light.


Current attitudes towards nails are transforming. There is a recent trend in 3D Nail Art , with people looking to source new and unique designs for their nails. Young girls are experimenting with their creativity by designing intricate patterns all over their nails.

People have started using different colors to create elaborate pictures on the surface of their nails. 3D nail art is also becoming more popular, with some people preferring to paint on layers of polish on top of each other for an amazing 3D effect.

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